Hand Double-Sided Embroidery-Hand Double-Sided EmbroideryThe double-sided embroidery picture is that the two exactly sam

Hand Double-Sided Embroidery

The double-sided embroidery picture is that the two exactly same exquisite drawings shown on the each of the both sides finish during the same needleworking processing .The double-sided embroidery is on the top of the history of the Chinese embroidery for its refined technology.Today the double-sided embroidery is developed further.There are new double sided embroidery with different color on the each of the sides.The new embroidery production seems more mysterious and the needle work is more difficult.The needle and the lines must be taken good care of to avoid influencing the each sides .But what is amazing is that there is no trace of the needle on the pictures. There was a handicraftsman who was good at su embroidery in Wu town.His works is the Dragon finished by the golden and the silver silk thread .One side is a golden dragon and the other side is a silver one.There are hovering clouds ,shining stars,red jewellery on the picture.It is embroidery production but like a carving works.The double-sided embroidery technique makes everyone shocking.

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